One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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   One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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Apps for Biz

ECM360's ‘apps for biz’ are pre-built apps that can be easily customised for your organisation.

Our ‘apps for biz’ take advantage of our platform’s CaseFlow functionality - the ability to manage the process flows of data and documents within one integrated solution. It can be used in many areas of a business to improve process, and communication along with the management and oversight of business/people critical tasks.

Following are our ready to go ‘apps for biz’:

HR Employee RelationsEnabling organisations to manage their employee incident handling process

Official Information and Ministerial RequestsProvides a comprehensive toolset to centralise all public record requests and manage the request process from beginning to end, simplifying submission and delivery for constituents

Change Request and Incident TrackerOffers a complete view of all the change requests and incidents with details like workload per developer, breakdown of incident per application and per status

Service Ticketing - Standardise the service and request process with electronic forms

Grant Application Tracker - The Grant Application Tracker allows organisations to track and allocate funds along with managing expected payment schedules

Grant Management for Agencies - Agencies, foundations, and private organisations can track and manage the application for and distribution of grants to external organisations

Physical Records Management - Track, locate and request physical records electronically

Property Management – Track and manage information and documents related to the properties that the organisation sells, leases, or owns

Asset and Software Tracker - Track each asset by location, issuer and requester to have a complete view of all your organisation's assets whilst also tracking your existing software licenses and assignments

Application Creation 'Excelerator' (ACE) - use a Microsoft Excel file to automatically build out classes, attributes, and more