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   One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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We optimise the universe of payments for organisations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes. Our solutions and services align to a unique solution approach that enables our clients to minimise financial risk and improve transparency to meet latest audit and compliance requirements.

We help you achieve an end-to-end secure inbound and outbound payments ecosystem and efficient data and document management with future-proof solutions for all financial business processes. The solutions are modular and can be deployed individually or in an integrated approach empowering you to achieve maximum efficiency and achieve your goals.

...the benefits of AP automation are clear—dramatically faster invoice processing times, better cost reductions, and reduced reliance on manual entry tasks to free up workers to more value added roles.


AIIM eBook 2018 The Winding Road to World-Class AP Automation



Procure to Pay

ECM360 provides processes – from automated supplier evaluation and management, to invoice processing and payment management enabling tight end-to-end security and fraud prevention.

  • Streamlining the on-boarding of suppliers by automating the setup and maintenance of supplier master data
  • Conduct real-time assessments of suppliers using the latest compliance checks and risks factors so you always have the most up to date and accurate information

  • Capture supplier invoices electronically and instantly validate information to prevent fraud
  • Automatically post invoices that meet your business criteria or route them for further approval or exception handling so they can be posted and paid

  • Improve the quality of supplier information with a secure, self-service portal that standardises the capture and maintenance of supplier information
  • Simplify communications with suppliers so AP teams can resolve exceptions quickly and pay suppliers on time

  • Simplify the process of paying suppliers and automatically detect fraud before payments go out the door with a centralised payment hub
  • Standardise how payments are made across multiple banks, formats, and channels

Order to Cash

Centralise and streamline your inbound payments with our O2C solutions by efficiently processing your incoming orders, assessing customer risk, accurately deploying collection and dispute strategies and highly automating your cash application.

  • Provide faster credit decisions with automated risk scoring based on customisable scorecards for proactive credit, compliance and risk management
  • Robust analytics and KYC functionalities for real-time validation of customer

  • Best-practice for the collections process
  • Standardised procedures from disputes to write-offs
  • Handle exceptional business processes and requirements such as the automation of deductions, rebates, and trade promotions

  • Highly flexible, and automated cash application processes
  • Machine learning capabilities supporting the foundation of a successful collections process

  • Helping you meet regulatory requirements
  • Ensure business integrity by screening and monitoring internal processes as well as your business network with regard to anomalies and potentially critical issues

Treasury & Cash Visibility

  • Achieve treasury and cash visibility and enhance your working capital management
  • Know how much cash you have in your bank accounts
  • Go beyond the boundaries and extend the classical account statement management approach to enable a holistic cash overview
  • Data retrieval from a broad set of data including AR and AP
  • Provides a more comprehensive overview of cash across the company and more accurate short-term planning

  • Establishing and structuring the management of all financial transactions and positions
  • In accordance with accounting standards, we will help streamline processes, from trade to processing to the valuation and the transfer to accounting

  • Benefit from simplified access to account information and bank balances for all banks
  • Integrated bank connectivity and automated retrieval of bank statements support greater transparency of your bank-related processes and data

  • Performing an integrated liquidity planning and analysis in accordance with the source and application of funds
  • Enabling you to efficiently manage your liquidity resources so you can detect any liquidity gaps or surpluses as early as possible

  • We help you achieve greater transparency of intercompany cash visibility through intelligently bundling company-wide payments and efficient cash pooling

Payment Management

Central control and transparency over group-wide cash is essential for every organisation. Make your payment processes highly secure and compliant with international regulations utilising standardised and automated processes for your outbound payments including fraud prevention – at all times.

  • Achieve efficient and harmonised payment processes
  • Solutions that offer uniquely integrated bank communication

  • Achieve secure bank connectivity that fits your requirements and supports all formats (CGI, SEPA, local, etc.), and bank protocols (EBICS, FTX, SWIFT, H2H, etc.)

  • Make your global payment transactions centrally transparent and highly efficient with payment optimisation features
  • Enable global factories and including payments on behalf (POBO)

  • Easily ensure compliance with international regulations (SOX, SAF-T)
  • Achieve greater security thanks to proactive fraud monitoring, embargo and sanction list screening as well as audit-proof data and document management

Data and Document Management

Increase operational savings, efficiencies, and compliance with our data and document management solutions. ECM360 helps you to better control access to information, reduce data volume, and comply with privacy and retention requirements from the moment data is received or created throughout the information lifecycle.

  • Leverage a more flexible and broader range of archive storage options, including public cloud-based storage ― the most scalable and cost-effective archive storage
  • Align the cost of storage to the value of the information archived

  • Retire enterprise systems by archiving legacy data and documents
  • By decommissioning legacy systems, companies can reduce the risk, cost, and time required to maintain obsolete systems
  • Enable better access to information for responding to audits and inquiries

  • Reduce risk and save your team time and effort in preparing information for auditors by extracting large volumes of data and documents from online systems and archive repositories
  • Extract the information in audit-ready formats to meet global standard (SOX, SAF-T) and ad-hoc audit requirements
  • Internal teams can quickly review and reconcile information before handing it over to auditors

  • Reduce data in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, SAP or other ERP
  • Automated archiving solutions that move information to the right location over its lifecycle
  • Seamless access to archived information for reporting and audit responses

  • Protect data privacy
  • Ensure information in production systems and archive repositories are retained according to corporate policies and regulations
  • Streamline the process of retaining and protecting information from its initial creation through eventual destruction, ensuring it is secure and protected from potential information leaks


Expertise, Security and Visibility Delivered from One Single Source

  • Corporates are constantly challenged by new regulations, but also by new technologies and innovations that can fast forward your business
  • We offer you a uniquely comprehensive suite of solutions that help you achieve an end-to-end secure inbound and outbound payments ecosystem and efficient data and document management with future-proof solutions for all financial business processes
  • We can offer you solutions that are highly flexible and scalable. Our solutions work in any technological environment, including SAP ERP, Multiple ERP Systems, on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and managed services



Generating Added Value for Your Corporate Clients 

  • Digitalisation of banking is the reality today. More and more fintech companies are entering the financial market with modern apps and solutions enabled through the digitisation. Competition is growing in the traditional fields of banking tasks like payments, funding, account information and treasury management and banks are under increasing pressure
  • Will banks become redundant? A recent survey of the German FINANCE magazine at least shows that three quarters of the fintech companies active in corporate banking are viewed as contenders to banks
  • So, what can your bank do to assert and strengthen your position in the market? 



Helping Organisations Achieve Cash Visibility and Secure Financial Processes

The financial solutions we offer support over 2,500 companies worldwide with advanced technology and personalised consulting to optimise all processes that manage incoming and outgoing payments.  Our clients are able to achieve the highest possible process efficiency and transparency.