One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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   One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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Because information resides outside core line of business applications, insurance workers rarely have the information they need when they need it. ECM360 works with insurance companies to automate business processes and digitise paper files, accelerating policy administration and decluttering offices all at once.

Our content services platform provides organisations with the security they need to meet an industry full of regulatory changes. Our insurance software solutions are compliant with current regulations and help safeguard your content, all while providing access to information from one centralised location.

Insurance organisations must deal with the reality that business must be transacted at the convenience and location of the customers’ choice, in a digital manner that is secure, accessible, and defensible.


AIIM 4 Data Points That Should Be on Every Insurance Executive’s Radar

  • Integrates with agency portals to electronically distribute information, automating task assignments and scheduling, helping insurers manage important distribution channel relationships
  • Manages the related processes and ustilising timers keeps insurers on top of the varied and numerous dates and renewal cycles. Automated task assignments and scheduling offers insurers additional efficiencies
  • Automates the dissemination of information and integrates with agency portals
  • With Enterprise File Sync and Share insurers can create a continuous dialogue with their agent and broker partners. The natural interaction between EFSS and the agency management solution allows the sharing of documents, such as E&O policy information, licensing, contracts and more, automatically as part of the agency management system

  • Increases productivity by reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources
  • Ensures tasks are completed in a timely manner with reminders, timers, notifications, and other communications
  • Improves compliance through greater visibility, audit ability and adherence to internal controls
  • Reduces time to decision with immediate access to information

The retention and disposition of both policy and claim documents can be critical, as well as potentially damaging to an insurance company. Often the liability risk is even higher if you retain information beyond the required legal retention period. If the documents are not properly disposed of according to the company’s corporate retention policies, the court could require that the document be made available within the litigation suit.

ECM360’s content services platform for insurance provides:

  • The ability to manage the retention of documents within the system to ensure proper adherence to corporate policy
  • The audit trail also provides the ability to demonstrate that the corporate retention policy is in place and to establish that standard operating procedures are being followed to adhere to the policy
  • Costs can be considerably reduced by eliminating fines and costly court judgments when retention policies are not in place
  • The ability to recreate a run time version of the solution and publish a claim and policy file to a CD and DVD can also help to avoid considerable costs and resource time needed to manage litigation files

  • Provides product development with the ability to efficiently manage the work process surrounding new product creation and implementation strategy
  • ECM360’s content services platform manages the work processes and required approvals, from document creation and version control to the interaction among stakeholders as the product is developed, rates/rules are established and processes are documented
  • The platform even ensures that underwriters and agents/brokers/financial advisors are notified of new product details to help get them to the market faster

  • Automates the capture of applications from the point of receipt, regardless of file format or origination, to improve the quality and timing of the new business process
  • Automates requests for missing and required supporting documentation (MVR’s, credit reports, D&Bs, and so forth)
  • Providing accelerated receipt of information, increased positive cash flow and improved service level agreements, this digitised process helps both finance and underwriting departments realise very immediate results
  • Some insurers have reduced new business processing times from seven days to one day or less

  • Document creation: allows for the automated or ad hoc generation of correspondence requiring specific legal wording or criteria-based generation
  • Pending task-related actions: manage these directly in with automated notifications built into the workflow to manage follow-up requests and diary alerts
  • Work distribution: easily managed by authority levels, skill sets, type of claim or other business rules
  • Approval requirements: managed throughout the process to ensure that internal controls are maintained
  • Automate repetitive tasks: freeing up adjusters to focus on high-value work

  • Empowers mobile workers to make confident business decisions by offering them the opportunity to interact with critical information anywhere, anytime - whether connected to a network or not
  • Instant access to any forms or documents downloaded to the solution client (briefcase), makes mobile workers more effective and efficient - completing tasks in the field, rather than waiting until they return to the office
  • On-site information, such as birth certificates, proof of residence, voice recordings, release of medical information or signed documents, photos of crash damage is easily captured and seamlessly uploaded to a document repository once connected to the network
  • Streamlines field operations and improves new business accuracy


ECM360’s content services platform extends and complements the value of Guidewire applications. More than just software, the Ready for Guidewire solution accelerators provide a package of Guidewire-tested-and-approved software capabilities, ECM360 professional services and ongoing customer support. The accelerators for Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ provide pre-built and proven capabilities for Guidewire customers to solve the technical and business process challenges associated with:

  • Inbound document capture
  • Integrated document viewing within InsuranceSuite
  • Outbound document packaging, composition and secure file distribution

These accelerators make it unnecessary to re-invent the wheel for each client engagement. That means insurance organisations reduce the time, cost and risks associated with incorporating content services capabilities as part of their Guidewire core transformation initiatives.

By adding the ability to manage business-critical documents, ECM360’s insurance solution extends the powerful data management functionality of Duck Creek.

Additional benefits include:

  • Extends the core: empowers workers to manage scanned paper documents, print streams, application files, electronic forms, emails and more, all in the context of their familiar core system screens and business processes
  • Simplifies information access and control: employees, agents and brokers spend less time looking for information and more time working with it
  • Keeps information secure: by applying multiple levels of protection, including advanced authentication and encryption, data is secure at rest, in use and in motion
  • Speeds new product and process development: with true codeless configuration so that non-technical line-of-business personnel can design or change products to meet evolving needs, create workflows that improve process efficiencies and generate reports that provide new insight