One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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   One Platform
   Unlimited Applications

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To help deliver superior service to their constituents, government agencies need a platform to quickly build applications that improve processes and information access surrounding a case. ECM360 delivers this by:

  • Providing a point-and-click framework for building applications while remaining in compliance with government regulations
  • Equipping staff to manage cases and knowledge work by providing access to all data documents and processes from a central location
  • Allowing your agency to capture all its data first and then growing the solution as new needs arise
  • Creating one place to manage security, upgrades, compliance and maintenance
  • Scaling to meet the changing needs of your agency to maximise ROI

A government’s ability to execute its mission effectively depends on its ability to deliver an  effective customer experience to businesses, citizens, and its own employees.


AIIM Local Government - Evolving from Digital Transformation to Digital Innovation

Provides your organisation with the tools it needs to quickly prioritise and complete records requests. Once completed, OIMR guarantees quick delivery of documents to requestors, improving the process from beginning to end:

  • Simplifying request submission and delivery for constituents: our OIMR solution provides the option for both web-based and paper requests. After staff receive and fulfil a request, the documents are compiled and posted to an online portal for fast, efficient delivery
  • Providing comprehensive search for complete request fulfilment: in addition to creating a single electronic location to store and retrieve all records, the solution provides a range of search tools to identify potential records required to complete requests, including keyword and full-text searches
  • Improving process transparency and reporting: reporting dashboards describe and identify bottlenecks while allowing you to view reports on any request. Meanwhile, Workflow automatically notifies staff when request deadlines approach, providing clarity on request priority

  • Work at a government agency is rarely self-contained and relies on reviews from outside agencies and organisations
  • An EFSS tool provides an integrated and secure way to share and review documents and information for extra-agency efforts while providing an audit trail of activity



  • Capture documents electronically
  • Automatically identify relevant information no matter how documents come into your organisation — as paper, email, electronic file, etc
  • Remove your staff’s focus on manual data entry and turns it back towards programme delivery

  • A good content services platform connects to your existing technology investments and extends their capabilities
  • Connecting your other systems to a central integration hub means all data stays up to date without the need to re-key information
  • This also prevents IT sprawl by helping to ensure your organisation is not just a series of disconnected applications that IT is forced to keep afloat

  • Unlock valuable content regardless of where it exists—repositories, SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases, social media and all other places
  • Users also can analyse and explore the relationships and connections between disparate pieces of information



  • Enables your government agency to automate the slow and error-prone manual steps that make up too much of every process in a paper world
  • With documents and information already captured electronically, BPM can automate unnecessary manual work and provide visibility into your processes
  • This leads to faster decisions and simplified compliance efforts




  • Provide your IT staff with a rapid application platform to develop solutions as new challenges arise
  • Guarantee that when adjustments to existing applications are necessary, they are handled quickly without the need to bring in outside help
  • Building your agency’s applications on a single platform cuts down on the confusion of weaving together multiple separate systems for each department




  • Once your system captures the information, the content services platform provides remote access from mobile devices and the web to make it easy for your staff to find the information they need to make good, timely decisions
  • You can even place this content on the web for citizen access